Review for Poetry Folder

Poetry Folder

(#) bvbrocks 2012-04-29

Well, I'm too lazy to review everything seperatley, so I'm gonna do it here XD Anyway, onto the point. I am SERIOUSLY jealous of your mad writing skills right now. These are just…urgh…I can't even define how awesome I think these are. Even the really old and short ones are pretty awesomesauce. And now I have the strange urge to post some of my poetry, even though this is a lot better than mine XD But I digress (I just love using that word. It makes me feel all fancy). Now, you post more of this epicness soon. I NEED MOAR! starts smashing things Ummm…that was weird…so yeah…this is officially awkward…AND WHY AM I STILL TYPING? GODDAMIT FINGERS SHUT UP! Fingers: "NEVEEEERRRR!" this is the longest review I've ever written…and the weirdest XD oh, and btw, I'll update Rebel Love Song when you update Smutty Rebel Love Song. So update that too c: now I'm gonna go back into my awkward corner of the Internet slowly fades into blackness