(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-04-30

Waaaaaiiit no way!
I want one, but it may seem unoriginal O.O (cause I used the clothes for an audition thing) BUT STILL!

Okay (since youre being so nice)
Name- Sam Alexx
Age- 17
Hair- (worn something like that)
Clothing- (along those lines)
Eyes- Silver with large specks of green
She is bubbly, but has depression (which gets the worse of her) she used to cut (still does when she is like, really sad), but is a outgoing person, and is friends with (a lot) of people

Okay, so um, like a high school relationship with a bitch thrown in the mix causing a breakup I guess, and something ssomething (dramatics)

Mikey please bro :)

The second Idea (Makes me sound fucked up cause I dont know Lana Del Ray....So sorry!) but do it! (I will read it)