Review for Fucking Fuckity Fuck

Fucking Fuckity Fuck

(#) Skeff 2012-05-01

-Name: Leslie Ford
Nickname(s): Les, Skeff
Looks:dark brown hair, down to shoulders (Look up ray's hair straightened, looks like that.) green eyes, a bit tan, freckles
Personality: kind of shy, except around animals(Mainly dogs) quiet, but knows tons of random facts...
What you were wearing when you died (you change into a BP uniform, so now 'I wear.....'): I wear like blue stuff, jeans and t shiemrt
Who (if anybody) are you close to?: ray.
How did you die?: ironically. A dog mauling.
What do you think about the BP?: interesting. Not all that scary

Part: OH OH OH I KNOW THIS!!! Ray's assistant :3
Anything else?: