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Fucking Fuckity Fuck

(#) detonationmouse 2012-05-01

-Name: Alisha O'Connor

Nickname(s): Allie

Looks: slender, clear-skinned, pale, my hair is dark red with curls like Taylor Swift's, I have big navy blue eyes, heart shaped lips, an oval face, and some freckles on my nose.

Personality: shy, I act like a female version of Mikey, studious, childish, bubbly, loyal, observant, gullible, random, optimistic, a bit of a rebel, friendly, a day-dreamer, quirky

What you were wearing when you died (you change into a BP uniform, so now 'I wear.....'):

Who (if anybody) are you close to?: Mikey okay I'll just put it out there-can I have a romantic relationship with him? If not I understand.

How did you die?: Back then (it was in the 1870's) I was forced to pretty much be my husband's slave. He would lock me in my room so to keep me from leaving. One night he came home with a prostitute and thinking I was asleep, had an affair. I witnessed everything and later, threatened to tell his family. Thus resulted in him dragging me to the cellar and locking me in there. He left me there and set the house on fire so he could live his life how he wanted. I burned to death.

What do you think about the BP?: I actually fit in, I will pretty much do anything for it. I'm more happy in the BP than when I was alive.

Part: Assistant

Backstory: When I was about seven my parents died in a house fire, leaving my two older brothers to care for me. My eldest brother Liam wasn't an adult yet so he was sent to an orphanage while my brother Cian and I were sent to live at our relative's house. We never saw Liam again. Our relatives kicked out Cian because they didn't want to care for him also, but I was spared. When I was older they forced me to marry their son (I know, incest) so they could keep the family growing. They wanted him to get me pregnant. He was rather abusive.

Anything else?: I'm Irish. :)

Phobias: fire
I hope I get to be in this because it sounds quite interesting! So I hope you like it and good luck writing. :3