Review for Fucking Fuckity Fuck

Fucking Fuckity Fuck

(#) dancingdragon 2012-05-01

-Name: Jenna Jinxx

Nickname(s): Jinxxy , Jen , Jenny :3

Looks: , really skinny and pale (Typical sorry :s) reaaaly short , like frankie short haha

Personality: Bubbly and cute , makes the best of every situation, even being dead :O

What you were wearing when you died (you change into a BP uniform, so now 'I wear.....'): - black parade outfit ( if its not black parady enough feel free to change it :3) , and b4 she died she wore skinny jeans and and t shirts, the usual , and booty shorts

Who (if anybody) are you close to?: Frank , or Gerard c:

How did you die?: Was an alcoholic , hated life (sorry soo typical) and a party animal due to hating life sober and clean , died driving drunk :c

What do you think about the BP?: Hates it , not many good parties :c

Part: Assistant if possible , but if you have to many (I've seen the auditions so far haha) anywhere you an fit me in ! :D

Backstory: Was an alchohalic and drug addict , party anima because she just generally loves parties , and not a fan of parents :$ sorry if its typical feel free to change it !

Anything else?: She died around 16 so short life :c

Phobias: Ghost (part of the reasons she hates black parade :0 ) , and spiders :OO