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Fucking Fuckity Fuck

(#) PsychoticIsWhatsIn 2012-05-01

-Name: Margaret Harris
Nickname(s): Maggie
Looks: Brown hair, red in the sunlight, usually wear it in a bun, tall (about 5'8") and pale, red lips and long eyelashes
Personality: Cares more about others than herself, always trying to help everyone, very quiet and shy, awkward around strangers
What you were wearing when you died (you change into a BP uniform, so now 'I wear.....'): WWII nurse uniform
Who (if anybody) are you close to?: Had a fiancee in the war who was killed when the Allies stormed the beach, all of her family is dead
How did you die?: She was a military nurse in World War II and was working late in the camp one night. The Germans planted bombs in the camp and the camp blew up, killing everybody. She was one of the few that survived the blast at first, and while she was at the hospital, she kept saying "I'm coming home, love" and died from severe internal bleeding during surgery.
What do you think about the BP?: She wishes she never joined it and just wants to be back with her fiancee.
Backstory: From Broooklyn, extremely poor, became a military nurse to help the men and the country, parents died when she was 7, grew up in an orphanage and was adopted into and abusive family at 15, moved out at 18 and met her fiancee, (Peter) three days later. Was getting married in a month before the war started.
Anything else?: nope :3
Phobias: spiders, heights, falling