Review for La Suiveur

La Suiveur

(#) AdnarimSmada 2012-05-10

Upper Manhattan: safe? Lol Lornaigh. No part of New York City is safe at night. Also Gerard, it is not the wisest thing to ignore your surroundings in the Bronx of all places!

So... that was strange. The descriptions were unpleasant sounding but horror movies have never really bothered me. I just can't see most of that shit happening. It was good nonetheless though.

By the way, the way you said Gearoid was with you on this stuff, yeah, that's the way I am with my older sister. If I tell her this story I know she would freak out for the next month.


-Adnarim Smada

P.S: Jane, you still on for our collaboration thing? I sent you a whole shiteload of plot components.