Review for I'm Not Okay

I'm Not Okay

(#) killjoy_blackrose 2012-05-13

wow this is really good!

twenty euro headphones? are you shitting me?! mine cost nine and i always forget them in my pocket (jeans or hoodie) so they're put in the washer on a regular basis...they still work just fine though (even though i once stomped them half to death my my docs-oh hell)

geez i'm rambling! but please continue this! xk

Author's response

In used to buy 2 euro headphones, but they only lasted a couple of weeks so I got new ones, good quality ones, hoping they would last... my sister decided to try kill them -_- but I came home to find a pare of proper headphones, not earbuds, from my mom so all's well that ends well! And I shall continue, insomnia will make sure of it!