Review for Story Auditions!!!

Story Auditions!!!

(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-05-17

Part: Gee/Party poisons crush

Name: Lucy May

Killjoy name: Cherri Kid

Body- Skinny with slight curvs, natually pale but slightly tanned, 5'1.


Gun/bandana: Purple ray gun with black stars over it her bandana the same style as her gun mostly worn round her neck but in combat or in a storm she uses it as a discuise.

Short Backstoty: Lived in england until she was 6 she then moved to califorinia. Not long after her 12th birthday her pearents split up she went to live with her mom and her moms new boyfriend who hated lucy and lucy hated him. When BL/ind took over her mom was shot infront of her and her moms boyfriend taken to become a drac. Lucy meerly escaped into the zones where she met the fab 4.

Likes: Stars, the colour purple, singing realy badly to annoy other people, fire.

Dislikes: Spiders, lifts, BL/ind, Dracs, ass holes.

Anything else: Kinnda obsessed with fire, dosnt like to talk about her past to anyone.

Hoped you liked it =)

~Lu lu xoxo