Review for Story Auditions!!!

Story Auditions!!!

(#) Cookie_monster 2012-05-17

Part: Korse's daughter or Gee's crush please?:)

Real Name: Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham

Killjoy Name: Artistic Accident

Looks: Shoulder-length dark brown hair with a full-fringe completely straight. Blue eyes. Pale skin. Long nails that people always think are fake, painted pink, neon yellow, red, white and purple (from thumb to little finger). Size 6 feet. Small for age.

Likes: Chocolate milk, pie, making people smile, laughing, singing, playing piano, dancing, Orphan, reading, writing, The Hunger Games, pink.

Dislikes: Discrimination, bitches, horror movies (except Orphan), melted cheese, fizzy drinks, pizza, crying.

Personality: Shy around new people but will open up more around friends. Will talk to her Mom but scared of her Dad. Likes making people smile or laugh. Crybaby. Sarcastic. Easily offended.

Anything Else: Scared of the dark, speaks Spanish as well as English.

:) Love Hozzie