Review for Story Auditions!!!

Story Auditions!!!


Can I do another killjoy... A male one?

Name: Fabian Reed

Killjoy name: known as '11'

Asian features due to chinese ancestors,
Shaggy, black hair tipped with all the colours of the rainbow that he wears over his eyes or in spikes around his head.
6 foot, muscular with narrow hips and long legs.

Clothes: Red tartan skinny jeans with chains hanging from the belt loops and Black converse. A plain white vest top and a black parade jacket with red piping. When his hair isn't gelled up he wears a long black beanie and always has his aviator goggles on or pushed up.

Confident, laid-back and easy going. Bats for both teams so he's a constant flirt, a bit of a player and seems extremely alluring to both genders. He could turn a homophobe gay if he wanted to (he's done it before). Also sarcastic and witty (think a mix of jace, simon and magnus from the mortal instruments if you have read them :))

Back ground: A geordie from england but moved to america when his book was published and was extremely successful. His parents and younger brothers were killed in the bombings but he managed to escape and partnered with Peroxide Bride (if it fits in the story).

Talents: skilled with his swords, some backs and he considers his dirty sense off humour a talent too.

Likes: singing, music, jokes and glitter.

Dislikes: bullies, powder pup and circles

Thanks :)