Review for Life's the Game (And I'm a Champion Player)

Life's the Game (And I'm a Champion Player)

(#) CosmicZombie 2012-05-19

That was so good! Really, really liked it; especially the chorus and the middle bit- it flowed just perfectly for a song and I had goosebumps by the end! xD This bit had to be my favourite; 'This is a cry,
For the kids
Who want
To fly.' That bit just really spoke to me :'D Keep up this amazing work- your stories/poems/songs are always a joy to read :)

CosmicZombie xo

Author's response

Thank you very, very much! I wasn't too sure if the middle bit worked with the rest of it, so it's really reassuring to know you think it flowed alright.

Thanks again! :D