Review for Diffuse Me

Diffuse Me

(#) LanaKrueger 2012-05-19

I know I'll probably sound like a fangirl, but OH MY F*CKING GOD, this is perfect. Seriously, this is a masterpiece! My favourite part is:
"And smiles,
Are just
Upside-down frowns."
it's so true and I had to read it again and again to process its awesomeness :D Someone really has to make a beautiful melody for this! When I was reading it, I thought of Give me novacaine by Green Day - I know it was inspired by MCR, but for some reason, I imagined a kind of slower, simple melody, that'd make a nice contrast with the powerful lyrics - :] Your poems and lyrics are always so meaningful and thought-provoking, and your style is flawless!