Review for I'm Not Sorry

I'm Not Sorry

(#) SyraStrange 2012-05-20

Hi. Do you remember me? The creepy stalker girl who read your Frerard/Frikey like a maniac? :D It's okay if you don't, most people don't remember me. Anyway. I came here in spirits of lifting from myself from this pit I'd like to call, "my lowest low even though I'm sure I can go lower," but it seems. I guess I can go lower. I just hope you're better off than I am. But this climbs into me. It sits with me for a while, and just does it's job. It speaks. Unlike me. Thank you for writing this. c:

Author's response

Heya! Of course I remember you! :glomps in a slightly stalker-ish way:
I hope things are alright for you and that this helped in some way, no matter how small.

Thanks for reviewing! :)