Review for Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Trying To Escape The Inevitable

(#) amos222 2012-05-20

Sweetheart, you are perfection. Thank you for updating again. I feel like hiatus was good for this story, because I didn't realize how beautiful it is until I spent some time away from reading it. I love this because it's written a bit like Translations, with the really pretty figurative language, but the tone is more modern whereas Translations feels like it could be set twenty years ago. I like the way each plot fits with your variation of style. And the ending of this chapter was awesome. I love that Gerard was singing Frankie's song, and I like that everything stayed consistent and didn't become super romanticized and cliched after Frank comforted Gee. Thank you so much for updating this story so soon (I was expecting at least two months wait, minimum) after you put it on hiatus. I hope that this means you're also doing well with your out-of-fanfiction responsibilities and issues. And thank you also for posting such a long chapter. I really needed to end my suckish weekend with something awesome, and this was perfect.

Author's response

Ohmygod, you've just made my day. Honestly, I'm not even saying that- thank you so, so much for being so constantly supportive and taking the time to leave such a wonderfully detailed and kind review. I love reading your reviews; you're really insightful and I love hearing your perceptions of my stories. I'm also glad you didn't think I made it cliched- I really didn't want to make them all lovey-dovey straight away :L Sorry to hear your weekend was bad...hope you're feeling better now (:
Thanks once more for being so incredibly supportive :'D