Review for INSPIRE ME


(#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-05-20

Pairing? (Frerard or Frikey or Waycest is most preferable): Miro (Mikey Way/ Ryan Ross) if not, Frikey I guess
MCR era? (highschool, Black Parade, Danger Days, current day, etc...): Highschool :)
Setting: Idk whatever you choose I guess (sorry I am tired right now, and not in the mood to think)
General storyline/inspiration to go off of: Mikey is bullied to the point of suicide (mainly because he is gay)...he starts to wonder before he killed himself what life would be like if he wasn't gay, if he never met (instert ship here...), after he killed himself, if he was popular (going through diffrent scenarios, if his life was diffrent and that didn't happen)
Your favourite food: Tacos and cookies
Your favourite MCR song: Famous Last Words
The song you're listening to right now: Stormy by Hedley
Any other details you might want me to include: No, not really....but I will give you a cookie (from me being in a mood that's not half bad)

Author's response

Ohhhh this sounds fantastic! I can do Miro, I haven't read too many fics with Ryan in them though... What are some of your favourite Ryan descriptions?