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(#) jadesabrexiv 2012-05-25

Interesting start to a promising story. I have a few questions for you however:

1-Is there going to be any interaction between Harry and Luna?

2-Are you going to have Hermione have any further role in this series? A pen pal or something similar would fit. (Hr is my favorite character.)

3-What is the level of interaction between Harry and the other members of the Weasley family? You have already laid the foundation for Mo/Ron/'s role as an arse, but what about the twins and Bike Ginny?

4-How do you plan to get rid of Lockheart? The method in Canon won't work here. Maybe a Bludger accident?

5-Is there going to be problems with Lupin and Harry during year 3?

Sorry I am being long-winded, but I am in the middle of a long commute and this is an entertaining way to kill time. I look forward to the next chapter and am on the way to look at what else you have on this site.

Thanks JSX

Author's response

1. very minimum

2. another review has actually made me consider that penpal idea

3. The interaction will mostly be that they're just like any other student in the house, except the Weasley twins are at least friendly.

4. Lockhart will get his, you'll see.

5. Not really sure how I'll play that one.