Review for For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

(#) IBlameTheLemon 2012-05-27

And, quite frankly, if the stories/authors/content/theme/orcharacters seem to piss you off, then don't come on here anymore. This should be a place for people to write what and how they want, and if you don't like it then you don't have to read nor complain. I'm not trying to be rude, but seriously. This is just how I feel. I know I'm a shit writer, but there are amazing writers such as Cosmic_Zombie and MCR_punk who do write great Frerards, while including mild imagery(less than what you stated in the story but a genorous amount). As for eye colors, why would that even fucking matter? If they want the characters eyes to be blue, or green, or hazle, or freakishly purple. I just don't see what it matters. Again not trying to be rude. Just my opinion.

Author's response

I dont take it as rude to write how you feel, thats why i posted this. I dont give a crap what eye color a character has either, i meant that the general look of most characters is cliche/stereotypical and i think its because of what the ideal punk/emo/whatever looks like. I also suggested weaving in information so that it wouldn't be overwhelming for the reader. I wanted to give something for people to think about. When i first started with this site it was very diverse. i have read and still read some frerard but like i said before, i was hoping for a little more diversity. for the writer to write about what they want and not to please everyone else because thats what everyone is raving about. There are some really great writers here and i think everyone who writes is brave for putting their ideas and opinions out there. I'm sorry if i upset or offended you or anyone on here, it wasn't meant to be taken that way. And hey, everyone complains every once in a while even if there are ways of avoiding it. Again, i'm really sorry.