Review for For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

(#) dancingdragon 2012-05-27

I thInk all stories are a little stretched out of reality, but that's why it's called fanfiction? I doubt ANY fiction would even come close to happening, so why not write whatever your imagination tells you? I also dot read "frerard" or whatever but does not mean that you have to complain, and a lot of people post things other than frerard. I dont mean to be bitchy or whatever, but I'm trying to say this straight forward. I have stories wih original characters and MCR pairings, the only two I'm writing right now are Pumped Up Kicks and We Are Young, so knock yourself out dude :)

Hope this didn't come across as bitchy, I get where you're coming from, but don't like don't read maybe? :)


Author's response

You know when you try to do something and you get really frustrated even though you know better? Well i was trying to find something that i would be interested in and kept coming across frerards! So i spilled a little bit of my frustarted thoughts onto the screen even though a part of me knew i may have been a tad unreasonable. Yes, everyone has a right to write what they please and i, along with everyone else, have been doing just that. I wasnt trying to say you shouldnt. It was a rant. But hey, everyone is standing up for what they believe in and whether or not they agree its good to see that passion.

Ps. I enjoyed your fics :]