Review for For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-05-28

I too think there should be a frerard or slash section.

I'm not a fan of frerard or slash if im honnest and i only write MCR/OC or MCR with their wives stories.

If you wanna read some non slash stories read this one of mine: Its a killjoy story if thats okay.

As for the describing now i gotta admit i probably do discribe my characters (Most are from auditions that i hold) i think it just gives the reader a better image of the character, but discribing the character how you said to discribe is good too.

~Lu lu xoxo

Author's response

I'll take a look at your story for sure. I don't know if you've ever heard of but it was my absolute favorite fanfic site. It was really well organized and they had tons of ways to filter stories. You could filter by character, alphabetical, rating, genre, and pairings. I wish it still existed :[ but I gotta say this site is 2nd best.

I didn't mean to say people shouldn't describe their characters, its a very important part of the whole picture, I just think it should be incorporated into the story instead of a list of details. I'm sure we've all come across stuff like that before, you know, like when there are several paragraphs about what the character is wearing every time theres a wardrobe change. It's just something to take into consideration that I think would improve some material.