Review for For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

For the love of (insert heroic/religious figure here, in my case Gerard)!

(#) TakeMyLife 2012-05-29

I actually really respect the fact that you've posted this.

I may not agree with what you said, but I do respect the fact that you didn't just log on and ''your stories suck''. It's quite clear that you meant no harm to people. As I've noticed; there are a lot of people who log on here and instantly start attacking people (the complete opposite of what this site is about) which is why people automatically think 'yet another troll'. I Don't think you were rude, you may have worded it wrong a little in my opinion, but I knew you weren't trying offend anyone.

Sometimes people write stories based on what they've seen/heard from the band (Like bullying and self destruction plots or bands they like and eye colour) so they can make it just a little more realistic.

I think that most people prefer a Frerard Story. I personnally don't mind what pairing it is; I'm just not into Waycest or anything like that because that's a little too far for me.
I Haven't read half of these, and they mostly seem like their based on sex but there are other pairings if you're interested. I Don't have many stories with other pairings so I'm sorry:(

Even so, there are many AMAZING Frerards. If you're not into the sex then this would probably be the best ;
- you'll just have to pick the right ones.
this is my personal favourite at the moment and i suggest reading it if you're interested. (however it's based on Gerard being a sex save then learning how to be independant)

There are also many other writers on here that have such amazing talent who write frerards.

If you really hate them, then ignore the links:L

Anyway, I hope you find a fic that's worth reading:)

Author's response

Thank you. I noticed a lot of reviews and posts that were very harsh and disrespectful, I think that is just wrong. If people really didn't like something then why not make suggestions and offer more constructive criticism. There are some extremely well written pieces in all categories but it's really just a matter of interest, which shouldn't get in the way of recognizing great stories. I'll be sure to check out those sites. Thanks again for the feedback.

Scarr :)