Review for Give It Your Best Shot

Give It Your Best Shot

(#) BJH 2012-05-31

Wow, this is a really interesting take on the time travel genre. I enjoyed the wisedom you have given this James and the insight into it that Harry has.

If the AU Harry began having nightmares of canon Harry at seven and saw 12 years in roughly 7 then can we assume time passes differently in the two worlds? Could it be that Harry will defeat Tom in this world and be replaced into his injured body only shortly after the switch? Or has this Harry been dreaming of other Harry's life all along and it just wasn't enough to be called a serious nightmare?

The other major question is what caused the switch? Did Albus do something, or perhaps Neville came to realize that he can not fulfill the prophesy and wished for someone to come and help him? If we knew the cause then fixing that might reverse the switch.


Author's response

Good spot about the differences between the timelines. Yes, time does pass differently in the two worlds and it was fully intentional. As for your other questions, you'll have to continue reading to find out.

I'm glad that you've found the story interesting so far and have enjoy what I've written. Thanks for the review, BJH.