Review for The Routine

The Routine

(#) CatscanFlyy 2012-06-01

ooooooooh Mi gusta killer G.

This was really interesting and,obviously, vair, vair well written and it sort of had me on the edge of my seat because I'm one of those people that kills characters so I almost expected one of them to have died but the ending was much more fantastic! (Don't ask why my sentences are formed so horribly today, I don't know either) Like I felt sorry for Frank but I wasn't exactly sure why kind of thing?
IDK fucked with my head but in an entirely awesome way

The character relations were super awesome too, like when Frank was talking about the money it kind of made me question what kind of relationship they were in Y'know? Like there could have been some secret/not so secret sub dom stuff going on in there except I'm not supposed to say that because YAAYY suggesting S&M to someone you've never met

Also I have like a slight obsession with nursery rhymes so that whole part of the story was totes awesome! (like if I'm still in English Lit mode I can say that it showed Frank's innocence through more than him not being allowed to kill and trusting in G so completely)

And I still can't believe you're only thirteen! I did not know talent existed at such a young age Jay Zeus!

Update 19 soon or I will actually die like legitimately. Srs bsnss

I'm not sure what happened with the length and detail of this review but I'm sure you wont complain too much!

Author's response

Aaaaaww when I read this it made me feel all glowy and nice inside :3
Not sure if my writing's as...advanced...enough to write S&M...?
And yeah, the whole nursery rhyme/innocence thing you got was right - glad that came across correctly - and nursery rhymes are just darn creepy anyway. I was trying to make Frank, like, really 'special' so, yeah, i dunnooo...