Review for The Routine

The Routine

(#) scarlett_fitch2027 2012-06-02

This and 19 are the best things you have ever written.

1) The writing was perfect and fit with the twisted, creepy theme fantastically. The way it presented Frank's thoughts in 3rd person was incredible.

2) The relationships were awesome. The way you described their feelings towards each other, the money and the death.

3) The theme/plot/storyline - where the hell did that come from?! This is beyond anything you've ever written before. And so dark! What happened to writing about teen crushes on hot ghost kids, huh?

:'( she's all grown up! And now she's a better writer than I am!

runs into corner and cries then remembers she has to get ready for tae kwondo and focuses all angry energy on kicking the crap out of a soft pad instead.


Author's response

I'm not a better writer than you! I'm not!
I just had some really dark disturbing thoughts from whats been going on at school...O.o
I told you there was something wrong with me!!
ANYWAY glad you liked, have fun at tkd