Review for That Which Devours

That Which Devours

(#) RubyTuesday13 2006-10-29

The second it said "Be," I said aloud, "Oh, it's so Ultimecia". I hate you. But I love you too, so it's cool.
I so buy the thing about Ellone, too. Because she kinda became Squall's mother figure, being the only one he ever developed trust with during the all important attachment years: Thus, Freud gets his panties all in a twist.
But aren't they not biologically brother and sister? Cause Raine adopted Ellone. That was the impression I got. Not that that changes much, it's still essentially as upsetting, being as it's a trusting familial relationship.
Anyways, A+ for originality, and your stories always manage to upset me more than anything else I've ever read, watched, or listened to. Which I hope you'll recognize as the compliment it is.
Mery S.U.E.? No wait, I was wrong, I do hate you :)