Review for AUDITIONS for Comics and Coffee

AUDITIONS for Comics and Coffee


Name: Tam Sullivan
Age: 17/18
Grade: whatever fits age and stuff:)
Major: medicine, or whatever to become a coroner/medical examiner.
Appearance: tall and slim with long, pale fingers. Shaggy auburn hair that he is constantly pushing out of his eyes. Bright green eyes behind thick rimmed glasses. A long scar running along his jaw. Wears dark jeans and baggy t-shirts with funny slogans or Pictures on.

Personality: quite quirky and witty, always has sarcastic comments to make. Highly intelligent and is intrigued by the smallest of things, seems to be constantly doing something with his fingers.

Victim or bully?: victim, due to him wanting to work with death people. The bullys accuse him of being a necrophiliac.

Hope his was alright :) xx