Review for AUDITIONS for Comics and Coffee

AUDITIONS for Comics and Coffee

(#) detonationmouse 2012-06-04

I decided to put one of my O.C.s up. I hope you like it. :)

Name: Jadrien (Jade) Sanders

Age: 20

Grade: Uhmm I'm not sure. Junior?

Major: Film

Appearance: Tall, is pretty strong but looks lean, has light skin but not vampire pale, narrowed piercing-grey eyes, neon green shaggy/jagged hair that falls over his eyes a bit, has Batman gauges.

Personality: A ladies man, a bit cocky, humorous if not sarcastic, pretty calm but he doesn't take teasing lightly, always wants to be the best in something, is strong about what he believes in, can come off as a jerk before people get to know him- for this story he's just a jerk.

Victim or Bully: Bully! :D (not that I like bullying. .Just it sounds good for this. .awkwardness)