Review for Translations of Blood

Translations of Blood

(#) BrokenBones 2012-06-05

Ugh, them people that leave nasty pasty comments just cause' they have nothing better to do; she's probably some 30-something year old that lives in her parents basement relying on their pension money to keep herself in clean knickers spending her days eating twice her GDA and trolling the internet to relieve her intense jelousy cause' her virtual boyfriend on Club Penguin has ran off for another richer penguin...

ANYHOW this was DHSAQODGBKAJDHVJHFUEWI amaaaazing as per usual, and I can't wait for Gerard to come back, and another update addicted, gosh I'm so pumped :3

-A 0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

Author's response

Hahaa, you're probably right. Very sad :L

I'm so glad you're liking it, and thank you sooo much for taking the time to review! :'D