Review for Regarding my Leaving of FicWad

Regarding my Leaving of FicWad

(#) MissAbbieHudson 2012-06-08

No, thank you for writing on here, it doesn't matter if you decide to leave Ficwad, I'll follow you to whatever site you choose to post on, Heck, I'd e-mail you bugging you to send me stories ;D You will always be loved on here and I'm glad you didn't give up - on writing or life - you are SO goddamn talented I would be so pissed if you stopped writing. You seriously need to think about doing this professionally! I'm sorry I wasn't here from the start, I only joined the sight at the beginning of this year, and do you want to know why? because I read 'Be My Detonator'. If I wouldn't have read that story then I wouldn't have joined this site, which means I wouldn't have met some very special people and I wouldn't have stopped self-harming. So, sorry I didn't say this before, but...

I owe it all to you...

Thank you

(Yes, I know this is VERY random, but it's long over-due)


Author's response

Honey, thank you so much. I feel kinda emotional now- I'm so flattered and moved by your review. I'm sure you don't owe it all to me at all and that you could have done it yourself, but thank you so much for saying it anyway :'D I'd love to think that my writing might help people a little.

Thank YOU so much for being so supportive. It means so much.

Lucy X_O