Review for Regarding my Leaving of FicWad

Regarding my Leaving of FicWad

(#) CatscanFlyy 2012-06-08

You are a truly wonderful person and I know I said this yesterday (or at least words to this effect) but you deserve every compliment you recive your writing is brilliant and I will eat my hat if you don't make it in the writing world

It will be a sad day for Ficwad when you do leave the site so it's super great that you're staying

It makes my (and many other's I'm sure) day when I see that you've updated and you never fail to make me laugh or cry or feel the need to hug the shit out of your characters

What happened with the troll was horribly unfair and you are incredible for keeping as strong as you did

I will forever be looking out for your work as will many other loyal readers so stay strong!

(sorry if I reviewed twice I think i clicked off the page before but maybe ficwad is just fucking up)

Author's response

Thank you so very much, that's such a great thing to hear. Thank you so, so much for being supportive- you don't know how much it means.

Lucy X_O