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AUDITIONS for Comics and Coffee

(#) ImJustFine 2012-06-09

I can't believe I missed out on this! Gaaah! Anyway, starting out with the frat-boy...

Name: Ossian Paul Winchester (commonly goes by Ossian Winchester)

Age: 20 (birthday 21st of may)

Grade: Help me out here man O.o We don't do college grades in Sweden…

Major: Architecture

Appearance: Square-ish face, ear-length, slightly curly hair that borderlines between a very dark blonde and a ratty brown, light-gray eyes and a kind of naive expression. nondescript nose, not tiny, not huge. Kinda tall and skinny, bit of baby-chub though. Ashy skin-tone and slightly bushy eyebrows.

Personality: He's kind of the bystander, the contemplative type, never saying much and not actively participating in bullying, other than to save his own skin, really. Studies architecture because his father want's him to and does not like raisins. He's unhappy with the way his life is turning out, but doesn't quite understand it himself. Has huge respect for authorities and often acts quite the scaredy-cat. Dresses like he's supposed to, trying to fit in. Draws his classmates in secrecy and fantasizes of becoming something extraordinary, like an artist, but doesn't have the guts to do anything about it. The best way to make this guy obey your every word would definitely be stealing his sketchbook and threatening to spread the content around campus. Has a lot of pals but no real friends except his childhood friend Lucy who moved back to her native Ireland when they were both 16. They call each other sometimes.

Victim or bully: Bully, I guess? Kinda the background type who observes without interfering or doing anything to stop it in fear of ruining his own personal world. Might be secretly patching up the victims in the bathroom after they get beaten up, but mostly doing it to ease his own conscience. Has taken the occasional beating in the past.

Now, I hope that was alright :) I thought I would be finding this awkward, coming up with characters like this, but I kind of enjoy it :P

Anyway, the singer

Name: Otto Isaac Feist (once again I put a middle name in to get a bit of meat on the character)

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Grade: Once again XD

Favorite composer: Chopin, when it comes to listening. The composer he enjoys singing the most is probably Orff or Gershwin (ask him about his favorite band, though, and he'll tell you Thin Lizzy, among others)

Appearance: Medium height, maybe a bit on the shorter side. Kinda slim-faced but with soft lines and plump cheeks. Olive-ish skin. Big, dark-brown eyes, pointy chin and a slightly upturned nose. Pretty boyish appearance. Not gangly but with a slightly feminine build, long legs and narrow shoulders. Unruly chestnut hair that can't decide if it should be flat or curly, which is why he mostly hides it under a skin-tight, knitted green and black beanie. Often dresses in skinny dark-blue jeans, T-shirts that look like they belong to his younger brother, black Converse, an ancient lumberjack flannel-shirt and a denim vest with a pick-and-mix of safety-pinned band-patches. Carries his keys on a chain going from one front belt-loop to his back-pocket, getting stuck on everything.

Personality: Can be very obnoxious, some have even joked about him having Tourette's since he tends to blurt his thoughts quite often. Can also be very physical, almost up to the level where he'd snog anyone if it would make them stop being sad or something. Kind of the touchy-feely guy who easily gets lonely and sometimes show signs of ADD. Afraid of rejection and therefore easily giving up while trying to get to know someone new that he likes and eventually pushing away those he couldn't bare loosing so that it'll hurt less. Hates being photographed. Generally has very low thoughts about himself, spends way too many nights thinking about all the things he could've, should've. Sometimes hiding his lack of confidence by pretending to be almost desperately confident, which annoys some people.

Now, I just realized I do massive descriptions for the personalities… O.o Hope that's okay? I personally think it's nice to now a lot about the characters I'm writing, so… :P Onwards with the paparazzi, which I believe to be the first one auditioning?

Name: Leigh-Anne Martinsson O'Riley (YAY FOR WAY TOO MANY NAMES. Sorry, I just like to have middle and surnames penned out and it would seem rude not to share them with you :P This one has two surnames and a double-name… Call her Leigh to make things easier XD)

Gender: Female

Age: 25-30, you decide :P

Writer or photographer: Photographer

Appearance: Very tall and somewhat sturdy bone-structure. Dark skin and brown eyes, poufy, wavy, dark-brown hair that she wears in a bun most of the time. Wears casual clothes, jeans or a pen-skirt with a v-neck T-shirt and a jacket or coat depending on weather. Adores sneakers and wear them with everything.

Personality: Very feisty and curious, clever and witty. Often finds creative ways to get that perfect shot. She is half Australian, half Norwegian and grew up in Norway so she has an accent. She laughs a lot but can become very serious if someone mentions her brother. (I have an entire background for the brother who is in jail for beating up his wife. Wether he ever hurt Leigh-Anne physically is unclear) Very productive but sometimes taking things too far and ending up not making it for a deadline. Stressed.

I think she'd be a 5 or 6 on the scale… She's maybe more energetic than obnoxious.

Sooo, that's it! :D Hope I did okay :) (Sorry about the massive-ness of this XD)