Review for First Of The Gang To Die

First Of The Gang To Die

(#) Jacks_Demons 2012-06-09

:O Marry me!? Well... You're older than me (I think) and you're a girl, as am I... (no disrespect to lesbians though!) So. There's a few problems. I do, however, live in Leprechaun Land! Imagine, another Irish ficwadian! Also, my twin is Irish too... obviously :L

But, even though I no longer watch tv at all, I must say I was O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with Criminal Minds and Matthew Gray Gubler and Spencer Reid. He is why I started drinking coffee and why I only wear odd socks! :L How sad am I?

Also, yout writing shkillage is amazing. Just, sham. I am lost for words.

I also love your author note commenty things :) You are a funny funny person! :)

Also again, I haven't read this chapter yet, so I shall go do that! :D