Review for Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

(#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-06-10

awh :( but i mean, i could see this being frank. Not that he would ever do this, but it was just so him. it wasnt all sappy, but it wasnt like "im a fucking punk blah blah blah" it was just...frank. and thats what made it good.

And he didnt regret it. i think thats what made it real. he wasnt like "ima do this to spite you guys and im not really thinking about it here"

he wasnt being like a spoiled little kid who says theyre going to play on the freeway because they didnt get a new toy.

Thats what made this good. It was just frank doing what he thought was best.

and i really liked the last bit about the coffee. just kinda made it that much more real. its like he was trying to be casual about it.
"the coffee's above the stove. by the way, ima kill myself. bye."

it just added that little bit of realism.

while i dont find it cry-worthy, i think this was a good piece that really got that, if this were to happen, (GOD OR WHATEVERS UP THERE FORBID) this is how shit would really go down.

all in all, a great piece.