Review for Wrapped in Angel's Wings

Wrapped in Angel's Wings

(#) lalan 2012-06-11

Interesting story.? This is the first time that I've read about that pairing, I find that they fit somehow.

Just one thing, I felt like your characters were very ooc. No offense but I just can't imagine Scot calling someone honey or Logan hugging warren ^^

Author's response

Thank you for the review and although I respect you for your opinion; it is just your opinion.

I had Logan hug Warren to show that he is in fact capable of compassion and Scott is often seen as the 'go to' guy, the one that handles everything when Xavier isn't around and when dealing with a teenager who is in shock, you would want to find a name to use that would soothe them and be seen as non threatening.

Furthermore, you may want to check your spelling before submitting a review. Scott, as you can read has two 't's not one.

No offense.