Review for A Lover's Complaint

A Lover's Complaint

(#) GealachGirl 2012-06-11

First, welcome to ficwad. I hope you like your stay. =)

As for the story, it's really good. I like the way Brendon sucks it up and just goes to Ryan's room to settle things. The ending is really sweet, too, the way Ryan just kind of gives in since Brendon's there and all. Good job!

Author's response

Thank you; so do I.

Thank you again; I didn't really know how to feel about this story, but I'm glad that someone likes it. And how you said that Brendon sucked it up and went to talk to Ryan? That was done on purpose because I think that he'd be the one to initiate a relationship with Ryan (if it ever happened) because it just strikes me as something he'd do; I imagine that Ryan would be to shy or sort of introverted to do anything first.

Thank you again.