Review for Spring Fever

Spring Fever

(#) Dustbunny3 2006-10-30

Wow, never thought I'd find such a good fic with this couple, or even that small hint of it. I'm glad that I didn't abandon the fic at finding that it was on an alternate timeline like I usually do.

The writing was great, not over-or-under-done. It was a very amusing read.

I love the Iruka portrayal, and Kakashi's utter shock at discovering the real Iruka. The only thing that came close to bugging me, and it was forgotten easily enough in my amusement over the story, was that Kakashi was late but because of Iruka instead of Obito. Of course that's forgivable anyway since this was done before the end of the Rescue Sasuke mission.

I also really appreciate the way Team 7 is characterized here. Naruto isn't a total idiot, Sakura isn't a whiney, fangirlly b!tch and Sasuke isn't emo.

All in all, I just might love you