Review for The Beginning

The Beginning

(#) DaniAtaDisco 2012-06-15

A) your welcome I'll have to email you sometime... (I didn't email you today because I'm lazy at the moment and didn't want to open my email acount) but welcome for not killing you

B) haha I am funny.

C) I forget.. hold on it'll be in point D...

D)Oh! I remember! Ryan should die from a drunken idiot who stabbed Ryan in the heart, neck head and stomach!!! oh I am a horrible person... oh well that is my suggestion! baby bye bye bye!!! (bye bye) okay I do that every time I say bye now because of the Nsync comment you said the other day!! grr!!! but GREAT STORY HERE!

Author's response

I have those days! haha It's certainly alright. I've been out of town for the last week anyway.

Aren't we all? haha

NONONO THAT'S TERRIBLE haha but I've heard worse. :3 Haha I think it's super adorbs that you do that :3 Baby bye bye bye! (Bye bye) haha Thank you darlin!! :D