Review for Rant Against Fic Stealing (Not Fucking Cool)

Rant Against Fic Stealing (Not Fucking Cool)

(#) MCRfreak15 2012-06-17

i am SO peeved right now.
i loved 'well you can hide a lot about yourself' sooo much!
and i told her on reviews that it was amazing, and she took the credit for it!!
.....i haven't read the other one...and i don't really know what 'big time rush' is.
an american pop band so i've heard?
well, that's besides the point. how the hell did she think she could get away with that?! >:(
i mean, there's always the possibility that there was a big misunderstanding about this and that it wasn't stolen, cause i've been accused of stealing before when it was just me on a different site.
but there's no conformation either way, so until further notice, i'm pissed off.
thank you for posting this.