Review for What Is Love?

What Is Love?

(#) ReddyDevil 2012-06-18

Yay, that's exciting!

I know, I've been slack. Bad Mezza! XD I'm sorry for this mess. But it's okay - you can stop panicking. Please don't hate me. :( Or I'll Build An Army to help me Sleep Well Tonight, and then I can unite the world in one Grand Unification, just because I don't want to Waste a Moment. And if we do things The English Way, we'll only suffer 99 casualties. And then Tonight We Burn down the city, and afterwards the Floods will come and wash away everything, leaving us with a world full of Unfamiliar Ceilings. So just remember to Be Human and Never Change the way you are or who you have become in this Mercury Summer.

^ Hahah, I don't even know where the fuck that came from, but there ya go. There are your references. XD (Oh, and I'm sorry, but it won't be this chapter of MTYK on Wednesday that will have the painfully obvious reference, but the next one.)

((By the way: do you like bands like Asking Alexandria? Like, I don't like AA, but if you like them and/or bands similar, I have an Aussie metal/screamo/alternative/heavy rock - yeah, i dont know their genre XD - band that you might like and might be interested in checking out.))

Author's response

Hahaha, now that was perfection!

I haven't listened. What's the Australian band?