Review for Rant Against Fic Stealing (Not Fucking Cool)

Rant Against Fic Stealing (Not Fucking Cool)

(#) MCR_rawrr 2012-06-18

Wow. I don't know the author or the stories, but they seemed pretty popular. I feel really bad for the original author. I agree with you totally and yeah, if she had nothing to hide why has she disappeared off the face of the earth??
I think all the readers of those stories should leave reviews to the original author, explaining everything and giving them the credit they deserve, even if they don't like Big Time Rush. It just seems like the right thing to do, yanno?
I agree with CosmicZombie; taking the credit for someone else's talent is despicable. But if I were the original writer, I'd be kind of flattered that my writing was that good that someone stole it, but I would be pretty pissed too.
Anyway, thanks for posting this.