Review for When A Veela Cries

When A Veela Cries

(#) HP-DG-SB 2012-06-19

Actually, that little french comment you made in your author's not at the end was accurate. (I'm fluently bilingual) You can go either way with that, "C'est pas vrai!" or "Ce n'est pas vrai!" The latter option being the longer and "proper" way I guess, but it's the shorter version that is most commonly used in a dialogue setting in french, so no worries there. Great chapter, although your story is very sad, I can't believe that you've just totally killed off all the characters except for Fleur and Harry, I mean, how could you?! I'm almost hoping now that you have Harry go off on a suicide mission, and kill off all the Death Eaters and then Voldemort and then die so he can rejoin everyone in the afterlife. I don't know what exactly it is that you have planned for Fleur, but with the way your story looks now, she's going to be a very sad witch at the end of it all. I really hope that you'll update this story again soon.