Review for Audition Time!

Audition Time!

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-06-20

Name: Anna Carlisle
Nickname(s): Karra, not called that often, though. 

Appearance (height, hair, eyes, etc.)

Hair: Dark brown, messy and choppy, just touches shoulders with bangs somewhat in face. 
Eyes: Big and light blue, usually has dark circles under them.
Skin: Lightly tanned during summer, fair any other time. Has a few freckles across nose.
Height/Weight: Very short and skinny. Her sweatshirt makes her look even smaller. 

Personality: Very sarcastic and temperamental, impatient and stubborn, can come off as rude, swears a lot, but once you get to know her she can be funny. Gets angry quickly and often yells at people, acts tough despite her size. When it comes to friends and the people she loves she is still moody as hell, but more affectionate and forgiving. Also is very creative when coming up with swears and insults.

Fears: Any kind of large bug, thunderstorms, (Curls herself up in a blanket and shivers during a storm), and fears people talking about her behind her back. 

Important Keepsake(s): An oversized Notre Dame sweatshirt her brother gave her before he went into the army. Almost reaches halfway to her knees.  

Hobbies: Messing with any kind of technology, watching crappy romance movies (gets angry when people make fun of them), and does yoga when nobody else is around. Is really into gymnastics, so she sometimes does flips or contortions. 

Part Wanted (include some back-up parts you'd be fine with): Main Girl, (didn't see that one coming, huh? :P) One Member's GF, or Girl 5. 

Favorite Member: She doesn't get close to people. 

A different member you would be close with: ...

Any other information: None! :3

Author's response

Hi, thanks for your audition, I was just wondering, I forgot to put it in the form thing, but if you would be the girlfriend, who's girlfriend would you rather be?