Review for Audition Time!

Audition Time!

(#) Obsessive-Fangirl 2012-06-20

Name: Jadelyn Nevada Williams

Nickname(s): Jade, Jadey, JJ, J. Most people call her Jadelyn though.

Appearance (height, hair, eyes, etc.) Medium brown wavy hair with blue and green streaks that goes down to her mid-back. Blue-green eyes that look kind of Asian, and are almost always lined with lots of black eyeliner. Deathly pale skin, almost translucent. Stands in at 5'7. Slender, in a way that she looks skinny but not anorexic.

Personality: Very temperamental. Doesn't take crap from anyone. A loner of sorts. Very sarcastic, and often mocks people she doesn't like in a Southern accent. A bit of a bully, but is really sweet and caring to her friends.

Fears: Her only fear is failure.

Important Keepsake(s): A silver locket with a photograph of her and her mother when she was a small child. Never takes it off.

Hobbies: Watching horror movies (LOVES blood and gore), cutting up things with her scissors (very weird habit she can't kick), walking around her neighbourhood late in the night or extremely early in the morning (insomniac), basically anything to do with the night and/or horror.

Part Wanted (include some back-up parts you'd be fine with): Girl 5 (preferred role), One member's girlfriend (if given this role, preferably with Ryan or Spencer), or main girl.

Favorite Member: Ryan

A different member you would be close with: Spencer

Any other information: She has serious anger management issues, and bipolar disorder.