Review for The Routine

The Routine

(#) PsychoticIsWhatsIn 2012-06-21

Uno- I adored this story. :3 You're an amazing writer! Much better than I could ever hope to be. le sighs

Dos- Nursery rhymes mixed with Frerard-yness is my drugs. As the great man with the crimson hair once said, "Drugs gimmie drugs gimmie drugs"

Tres- I especially loved how you described Frank's feelings towards the money. It really made me want to know more about his and Gerard's relationship- but not like that. What I mean is like if they have any problems with each other or if Frank's a cunning little bastard and wants to kill Gerard because he's cue teenage girl voice cray cray.

Overall I loved this story. Awesome job!

P.S. I don't really say cray cray. .-.

Author's response

I believe you. And thank you!