Review for Audition Time!

Audition Time!

(#) Pretty-Odd-Lion 2012-06-21

Name: Nicole Urie (If not chosen as brendons sister just change it to Roberts :) )
Nickname(s): Nic / Nicky

Appearance (height, hair, eyes, etc.): Long wavy brown hair (Dyed it a bright pink and blue), big brown doe eyes, 5,5

Personality: Bright, bubbly, witty, sarcastic, funny, random, lovely and kind

Fears: Being alone

Important Keepsake(s): A notepad with pages and pages of drawings and lyrics in it

Hobbies: singing, dancing and messing around

Part Wanted (include some back-up parts you'd be fine with): Brendons sister, Girl 2/3 or girlfriend (pretty much any character :D)

Favorite Member: Ryan (She has abit of a crush on him, so if I she was the girlfriend it would be him