Review for AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-06-26

Name: Anna Carlisle 


How old you are: 14

How old you actually look: 14 :/

Sexual orientation: Mostly straight.

Attitude: sarcastic and temperamental, stubborn, can come off as rude, swears a lot, but once you get to know her she can be funny. Gets angry quickly and often yells at people, acts tough despite her size. Also very creative when coming up with swears and insults.

Appearance: Very short and skinny, with choppy, dark brown hair that reaches her shoulders. It's usually a bit in her face, too. She has big, pale blue eyes most of the time with dark circles under them), and is pretty fair skinned except for a few freckles across her nose. Wears large sweatshirts which cover her hands and go halfway down to her knees. Detests shoes. 

Tattoos/piercings: a tattoo of a ribbon looped around her ankle.

Additional information: Nope :3

For fairies:
Describe your wings: Navy blue and gray, marble looking and swirled, are pointed and wispy at the end rather than rounded.

Describe your outlook on the feud between T and O: She wished they'd both shut the fuck up and go make out or something. 

What do you look like? .____.