Review for AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

(#) midnight_star22 2012-06-26

Name: Lexie Hall

Part: anywhere you need me bro

How old you are: 17

How old you actually look: 20

Sexual orientation: straight but willing to experiment

Attitude: Sarcastic, funny, and witty but has a glow that is very contagious. Has the ability to make anyone smile

Appearance: 5'7, long straight red hair with blue-grey eyes, fair skinned

Tattoos/piercings: A swallow on her right ankle, a Gerber Daisy on her left wrist, lip & nose pierced

Additional information: she can sing very well and has even been known to use her voice to seduce people and will them into doing what she wants them to

For fairies:
Describe your wings: light shimmery green with sparkly black lines and in the middle of her wings it looks like her eyes are there but it's just an illusion

Describe your outlook on the feud between T and O: She finds it funny and she likes to think that Tatiana rejected Oberon a long time ago and he can't let it go.

What do you look like? depends on her mood. she can change her appearance at will; sometimes she's happy and vibrant other times she's dark and depressed.

For lovers:
What do you look like? (same eye and hair color as mentioned above) Tall, beautiful, and curvy. Every person's wildest wet dream come to life ;)

Do you believe in magic? Yes

What race are you? (fairy, pixie, human, imp, devil, etc.) Fairy