Review for AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

AUDITIONS I Don't Want To Wake Up

(#) Sam_Speaks 2012-06-26

Hi I'm Sam and I'm auditioning my made-up character Zander :3

Name: Alexzander (Zander) Ortega

Part: A fairy companion for Oberon

How old you are: This can be changed, but he's 15.

How old you actually look: 15

Sexual orientation: Bisexual, mostly into guys.

Attitude: Tries to give off the idea that he doesn't give a shit, that he's extremely tough, but in reality he is extremely self conscious. You have to know him extremely well to get him to admit it.

Appearance: In his eyes, nothing special. He's decent looking, with dull brown/green eyes, choppy self-cut dark brown hair that sweeps across his forehead, brushing his shoulders barely. He's sort of on the short side, about 5'3". He has a weird mark on the side of his face, under his ear he tries to hide a lot.
(As for skin tone shit, he's not tan, he's not pale. He's....normal?)

Tattoos/piercings: A little shiny sphere stud on the right side of his bottom lip, and his right ear is pierced.

He has a tattoo on the inside of his right hand(he's underage but his older cousin knows people) The tattoo is on the back of his hand, a small star in the middle, with random swirls wrapping up his middle finger. He quite likes the quizzical looks he gets when he flips people off-which is often.

Additional information: Very to-himself. Quiet at first glance, and can seem to be a huge dick. He's terrified of spiders, and has a very well hidden and secret sensitive side. You have to be extremely close to him to find it though.

For fairies:
Describe your wings:
Looks like

Describe your outlook on the feud between T and O: Oh god, he hates fights. He doesn't like it much, but sometimes it's rather funny to watch them fight.

What do you look like?
Not "goth" or "emo" looking, but he wears black a lot. His normal outfit would be a normal plain shirt(usually black, navy blue, grey, white, you see my roll?) and some random jeans. Everything else can be found up there where it says Appearance, my friend(;

Okeey, I kind of half assed this audition because I was watching Americas Got Talent as I filled it out. If you have any questions or need any more info on him just email me at or just go put it in a review on anything I have posted, I'll find it. (: