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Almost Done

(#) KelseyChem 2012-06-26

Hey, doll, I'm always here to talk. If you want you can email me and we can talk about problems and stuffs or I can just be random and freakish and hopefully entertain you, yeah ? :D Well, as for cutting, been there, done that, still battling it, and I know it's exciting for a moment but you're ruining yourself and shouldn't have to hurt to feel.
As for being a writer, I haven't read any of your stories, but reading just that vent, fuck it was beautifully written just being a vent and not planned and such.

Email me anytime at
I have insomnia and no life, so most likely I'll be able to talk anytime unless my internet's being wonky.

Damn I ramble alot.
Point is, I may not know you, but I care anyway.

Author's response

Thank you. It's nice to know someone cares, even if I don't know them. And I read your Bitchfits so I kinda already know YOU (creeper much? Oh well, IDGAF) And I know I shouldn't have to hurt to feel, that's just how it works out. If I don't feel pain, I feel dead. And yeah, I'll definitely e-mail you some time, cause you're pretty much awesome :3