Review for You’re My Phobia

You’re My Phobia

(#) StakeMeBitch 2012-06-27

Wow, I know you probably won't read this cause it's been an awfully long time, but I just had the urge to say something. This story really touched me. And when I say that it touched me, it's because I fucking mean it. I have my reasons to feel this way about this story, but still I do not think this is the right place for them to be discussed but even if it was it would be signifficantly pointless. Anyways, sorry for the late (REALLY DAMN LATE) review, but I just came across this story and I'm fucking glad I did because I can honestly assure you I've never read something quite like this and I frankly think I've never do again. This story was beautifully plotted and left me with a different mentallity I don't quite know how to explain but I really like the feeling. I guess I can say that this is the best fanfic I have ever read until now, and trust me, I've read lot's. The end? I loved it. What's better than a tragic romantic story ending in tragedy? You captivated me so much I came to tears. Specially the end of course. This story was destinied to be doomed. A tragic love tale, thank's for sharing this beatiful piece of writing that I surely know came from deep your soul.